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so- i originally made my photography website with a blog attached, but i didn’t like the format of the blog. So i made a new one. I was frustrated with wordpresses lack of exciting templates and confusing html editing, so i moved on over to blogspot. i feel somewhat like a traitor to my wordpress blog which i’ve have for nearly a year, but i like the colors and such so much better. plus i can make it more what i want 🙂 There you’ll find my photography work & my personal life, everything from family portraits to beautiful weddings to what’s going on in my life. It’s both a blog (to connect with friends and family who live a little too far away) & a website (to share my most recent work with great people looking for a photographer). My blog is my online, public journal. I write a couple of entries a week from anything to my new pair of shoes, a portrait session, the weekend’s wedding, a meet-up with other photographers, family vacation…you get the idea.

So check it out!!


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new web-page and blog

for those of you who have wondered where in the world i have been, i’ve been working on a new web-page and blog. come on over and check it out and follow my blog there!


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So I have began taking pics to build my photography portfolio. LOVE taking photos and I would love to continue to do it as more than a hobby. I just did a friends wedding (with Jimmy and MarthaJoy) and then I took my darling friend Sheila out for maternity photos. She is too cute!

Since we were on vacation in Myrtle beach, and I’ve been busy with photo taking and editing, and getting ready to pack up and move out of out apt, I don’t know how much I’ll be blogging, but I’ll do my best 🙂 I’ll post some wedding and prego pics soon too 🙂

Our trip to Myrtle was amazing! We felt so loved & encouraged and definately confirmed that our desire is to minister to college students and possibly to go on staff with campus outreach. We fell more and more in love with Jesus that week. And our pillow talk at nitr before we fell asleep was so much fun as we discussed our conversations and time in the word with students. Lovely time. And also loads of fun with a scavenger hunt, beach time, longboarding, and pool basketball. We are very excited to see what the Lord has in store for us this next year. One things for sure- there will be lots of changes, but we are relying in Him 🙂

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At the park

I went to the park with Olivier and Eliot (my niece and nephew) and of course i  brought my camera… they’re so cute!









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i woke up this morning PISSED at brian. i wasn’t quite sue why, but i was really snappy at him when he tried to kiss me goodbye ay 6:30 am when he left for work. i was mad. i knew it must be his fault (of course!) but the details were fuzzy. as i tried and tried to remember why i was so upset, all i could recall was that he had sat down with my parents and planned out my life like i wasn’t there. something about moving to south america and becoming banana farmers? as i faded in and out of morning sleepy consciousness, i realized that there was no way that conversation had ever occurred! i dreamed the whole thing and believed it so heartily in my sleepy state, that i reacted in anger toward brian when i awoke! ha ha. talk about bizarre!  i’m glad its not true that we are moving to s. america to grow bananas! poor brian thinks i hate him 😦


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happy day

i was supposed to work until 5 but i am off early! hurray! so i am c-bou-ing it up in the sunshine… with my love. well sorta. he’s hanging with jimmy buehler while i am “working” on my portfolio. how can i work on something smart right now? i feel my brain turning to mush. the good kind of mush. the “it’s summer and all i want to do is play!” kind of mush. well maybe its not good. but it’s fun!!!

Photo 2



in other news, brian and i went to the drive in last weekend and saw UP. so cute. we sat in the back of our car and held hands and thought about our adventure. there was a lot of symbolism about love and adventure and wasting your life and burdens. we both cried. might be my new fave movie of the summer!!!!


I am really excited for later this month! brian and i ill be taking the long drive down to myrtle beach to visit the project! i love hearing little bits from my girls down there, but it will be wonderful to go visit! i am so excited about the location this year too. this is back where brian and i had our first group date. it will be a blast to relive some memories there and laugh about how, even tho he thought i was cute, there was NOTHING between us but friends at that point. i thot he was a goofy loud kid… like a lil brother! and now we’re married. how funny is God sometimes? Anyways, this is a pic i took that summer. it makes project look amazing! not that it isn’t, but this pic makes it look kinda magical! i cant wait!!!! i am excited to have each day to “date my hubs” and the mornings and evening to learn with the students and hear all about what the lord is doing in the lives!



(i’ll post more soon! and with pics… its sad how boringly simple life is when you are without a computer cus the hard drive broke… so blessed that it is all fixed and had a complete data recovery!!!) 


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Tough day

3 years ago today, brians brother
Joey died diving into a lake. It’s a tough day for him and his family. I wish that I had met joey. I remember hearing stories about brian and joey growing up when brian and I first became friends. I remember that first summer at SBP watching brian as he was grieving and leading students all at the same time. That summer he became so much more than the goofy silly little brother type I had also pictured him. His character was becoming so attractive to me. I fell in love with him then. The past 3 years have been difficult for brian and his family. I can’t imagine the pain of losing a son/brother. I wish I met joey so I could share in the happy memories. Although brian doesn’t talk about it often, I know he thinks about joey a lot. So, I’m praying for my love & his family today.

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