about me

i love brian. i love dancing swing and salsa dancing. i love crisp fall & spring walks. i read my typos outloud and laugh. i hate to lose. i love to win. i love christmas. i love shopping, especially in Europe. i love soccer, football and rugby. i love reading down by the creek. i love to sing at the top of my lungs in my car (charlie) cus no one can hear me there. i love pink. i still look for my xmas gifts, and if i find them i open them. i hate surprises, but i hate when surprises are ruined. i love gerber daisies. i love the feeling of waves splashing on bare feet. i love the smell of fall. i love sunsets. i hate waking up in the morning. i love the sunrising over the sea. i love to laugh so hard i cry. i love to get coffee with friends. i love crazy traditions with friends. i love spanish. i love snowboarding. i can’t seem to be on time or patient no matter how hard i try. i love looking for sea shells. i love camping and hiking. i hate fish and seafood, but i think fishing is fun. i love the feeling of a little sunburn. i love writing and receiving letters. i love to paint and draw. i love my family. i love boots. i love fresh snow. i love taking pictures. i love inside jokes. i love to snuggle. i love to organize thing according to color. i love eskimo, butterfly, french and regular kisses. i love hearing people laugh the really big hearty laughs…the ones that bubble up and you can’t control! i love hide and go seek. i love traveling… 

…but most of all, i love my Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart and mind and soul and strength. He is my rock and my Father and my Friend. He is my Savior!



One response to “about me

  1. kel beardsley

    hey mindy! i love your hope feathers! i have just recently entered (well attempted) the blog world. i just dont know all the applications or all the extra fun stuff (i’m computer challenged if you will). just want you to know- i love it, looks like you two are doing well. i’m at kelnoel.wordpress.com

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