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new blog over at blogspot

so- i originally made my photography website with a blog attached, but i didn’t like the format of the blog. So i made a new one. I was frustrated with wordpresses lack of exciting templates and confusing html editing, so i moved on over to blogspot. i feel somewhat like a traitor to my wordpress blog which i’ve have for nearly a year, but i like the colors and such so much better. plus i can make it more what i want 🙂 There you’ll find my photography work & my personal life, everything from family portraits to beautiful weddings to what’s going on in my life. It’s both a blog (to connect with friends and family who live a little too far away) & a website (to share my most recent work with great people looking for a photographer). My blog is my online, public journal. I write a couple of entries a week from anything to my new pair of shoes, a portrait session, the weekend’s wedding, a meet-up with other photographers, family vacation…you get the idea.

So check it out!!


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