Decision made = relief

So we have officially made a decision about what the Lord has for us next year. A few weeks ago, we were approached with the opportunity to teach ESL in south Korea for 12 months. Originally, we thot that it was a great idea! We would get to travel together and save $$ to pay off school loans. However, the more we learned about the school and our responsibilities there, our excitment dwindled. The expected 10.5 hour days of teaching 5 days a week seemed too much. So, after seeking counsel from people we love and respect, we have
decided that although it would have been a wonderful adventure, it would be more prudent for us to spend another 8 months or so working hard to pay off debt while volunteering with CO and then start the process of possibly going on staff. I love having the decision made because I feel releaved.. And that is a conformation to me 😉 also… I love that we have a goal and a timeline to achieve that goal. I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for us!!!

In other news, my best friend from growing up is having a lil girl in July! Little Halley Jane 😉 I thoroughly enjoyed buying some little newborn dresses at target today. Although brian often accuses me of it, I never really have baby fever- just baby clothes/shoes fever… With the occasional symptoms of pointing out every cute prego lady. But I don’t think I’m alone in this disease 😉 I can DEFINATELY hold off for a few more years (lord willing) especially after seeing pics of some friends who had babies last week… They look so tired! So yeah, loads of time in that department.

I am so excited for this summer and blog stalking all you at SBP & India!!!



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3 responses to “Decision made = relief

  1. Im glad your decision is made.
    And we can totally stalk blogs together. :]

  2. kelnoel

    glad to hear what will be going on in your world! it sounds like a great decision- and there is nothing better than peace and relief! I have also been diagnosed with baby clothes shoes fever- i’m in the process of making a little chic-ishy summery tutu for my friends little girl. I think i’m probably enjoying making it then this kid will enjoy having it! keep loving the Lord with all your heart- it is an encouragement to me!

  3. J. Buehler

    good choice.
    I like you two.
    Especially when you’re around.

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