The other night brian and I were snuggling as we watched a sermon by mark driscoll from the peasant princess series (so super great! ESPECIALLY if married or engaged). Anyways, when it was over, we closed the computer and went to sleep. The next morning brian opened the laptop to pay some bills and the only thing that showed in the screen was a file folder with a frowny face. That’s bad news bears! We took it in and the harddrive had crashed. We have tried almost everything to get the info back, but alas nothing has been successful 😦 what makes me most sad is the pictures I lost. I have some on facebook, but the quality is really bad when you print them. No more sbp pix. No first date pix. No goofy dating pix or engagement pix. No trip to Europe pix. No honeymoon pix. No first Christmas pix. So many fun memeories will no longer be aided with pictures. I was so sad at first, but brian reminded how blessed we are to even have done those things to have the memories! So we are going to try to recreate some just for fun… Like swing dancing on the night be asked me to be his girlfriend. Or our first date salsa dancing? Maybe we can even visit sbp this summer and relive memories there? We’ve even talked about going back to Mexico for our 1 year anniversary… Let’s just hope swine flu is done ;). So all that to say that I am glad I have gotten to spend the past few years with brian more than I liked having pictures of it. I love you bluejay!!!


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  1. Ummm SBP car trip? Im in. :]

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