i woke up this morning PISSED at brian. i wasn’t quite sue why, but i was really snappy at him when he tried to kiss me goodbye ay 6:30 am when he left for work. i was mad. i knew it must be his fault (of course!) but the details were fuzzy. as i tried and tried to remember why i was so upset, all i could recall was that he had sat down with my parents and planned out my life like i wasn’t there. something about moving to south america and becoming banana farmers? as i faded in and out of morning sleepy consciousness, i realized that there was no way that conversation had ever occurred! i dreamed the whole thing and believed it so heartily in my sleepy state, that i reacted in anger toward brian when i awoke! ha ha. talk about bizarre!  i’m glad its not true that we are moving to s. america to grow bananas! poor brian thinks i hate him 😦



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2 responses to “pissed!

  1. That’s hilarious. I’m pretty positive I’ve done that to Nick several times as well. Lately, though, he’s been taking to hitting me in my sleep. 🙂 He’s very remorseful when I tell him what he did in the morning!

  2. J. Buehler

    sometimes I dream I’m mad at Brian too.
    Then I realize that I’m working with him.
    So it’s not a dream.

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