Andrews wedding

So how sad am I? I had a lovely time in Atlanta at a dear friends wedding and I wore a dress that I made… And I forgot to take pics!!! Silly me. I have these 2 pics from my phone, but they don’t do it justice. It was so pretty. On a dock overlooking the lake. Ken currie married them under a arbor of lillies. Sara was gorgeous! Andrew cried when she walked toward him. A sweet tender moment. I got choked up listening to ken describe the relationship between the bride and the bridegoom like that of Christ and the church. I remembered our own wedding. Each wedding is like a vow renewel for brian and I as we hold hands and knowingly nudge eachother and smile. The reception was a couple blocks away at the home of the woman so wrote gone with the wind. So pretty. White twinkle lights and candles and flowers everywhere. We ate and danced under the stars.

I am so happy for them! I can’t wait to see how the lord will continue to use them in the lives of students in mn. Congrats andrew & sara!

(ha ha… i wrote this on my iphone while on the ride home… i just reread it! funny typos! i think i fixed them all now tho 🙂



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4 responses to “Andrews wedding

  1. Sounds beautiful! Christel and I just talked about how we wished that we would have been invited! :] Haha- this confirms it!

  2. Brendan "the coolest kid in the world" Davis

    I liked how it describes every little detail.

  3. Kerri Haugen

    I like this blog, weddings are always happy! To bad she forgot to take pictures though. =(

  4. Emily Johnson

    Hi Mindy-

    Brendan and Kerri are students of mine, in case you were wondering. I’m having them create blogs and wanted them to look at some examples first. Several students liked hearing about your trip. I hope all is well.


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