I forgot how much I love colores! Blue sky. Greed grass. Purple and yellow flowers. God is so creative and wonderful! I don’t think us minnesotans would be as thankful for spring and sunshine if it weren’t for the tough winters! These trees are in bloom all over Atlanta! I LOVE them!



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3 responses to “Spring

  1. Magnolias. Miss them. Love the leaves, too – glossy on top and fuzzy on the bottom. Enjoy Georgia – one of my favorite states I ever lived in!

  2. Alesha Solem

    I like this blog because it is totally true when it says us minneotans wouldnt appreciate the warm weather if it wasnt for such cold and harsh winters. The warm weather is exciting.

  3. Alesha Solem

    I like thi blog because the warm weather is coming and I am very siked about it. Its totally true how us minnesotans appreciate the warm weather more because we have such long cold winters.

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