What i love about spring

1. It’s like waking from a long winters nap. All it takes is one day of sun and it’s like winter never happened!

2. Spending more time outside in ONE day than in all of winter combined.

3. Spring cleaning… Ok. Not really a “like” but more of a necessary evil. But once it’s done it feels O so good!

5. The anticipation of a lovely summer is WAY more plausible in spring that winter.

6. Sleeping with the windows open for the first time since October.

7. Going for walks after dinner… And it will still be light out!

8. Fruit! I could eat fresh strawberries, blueberries and kiwi and all the yummy fruits all the time!

9. Going for a run outside and your lungs don’t freeze!

10. Dresses and skirts and pretty shoes that don’t have to be warm boots!

11. Flowers and green grass and blue sky. The world becomes God’s rainbow in springtime!

12. Spring is when Jesus gave EVERYTHING for me… A sinner… So that i can have life. Thank you Lord… I love you!

Yay spring!


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