spice things up

Brian and i have found ourselves doing the same old thing each night for a while now and we decided to spice things up a bit! (don’t worry… this will be G-rated ha ha). Anyways, poor Brian work long and hard 12-15 hours a day to provide for his lil wifey. Something that i respect him GREATLY for! anyways, he comes home hungry and tired so we usually eat dinner and watch a movie or play the wii or a board game. Needless to say, that gets olds fast. So we decided to arrange our “nightly activities” according to the days of the week. 

Monday- Movie night (thanks to the weekly free redbox code!!)

Tuesday- Reading night

Wednesday- BULL/ COWgirls/ Boys bible study

Thursday- Listen/watch a sermon online (right now, the peasant princess series by Mark Driscoll… SO GOOD!)

Friday- Hang out with friends. Sometimes a double date… sometimes a night to get away from each other and hang out with our buddies. A.K.A. call me and lets do something on a friday night!!! 

Saturday- Date night! 

Sunday- Family day. Work on World Ventures travel business. 

So far we’ve really enjoyed the variety! And it’s fun to have something to look forward to. For instance, i bet that many of you don’t know how fascinated i am by anything WWII or Holocaust related. I will watch ANY movie and read ANY book on the subject. I can’t really say that i LOVE WWII because then people say that i am a sicko… but i am oddly enticed by the subject. That being said, last night we watched “the boy in the striped pajamas” with my parents (i got my WWII obsession from my mom). i sobbed.


i’m not going to reveal the ending, but i was shocked. My mom and i had to give each other a mini-counseling session while we got  dessert for our boys. I am really excited for reading night tonight because i picked up some WWII biographies from the library. i can’t wait to make some tea and snuggle under a blankey with the hubs and settle in for a night of reading!

The 4 books:


  rumkowski-and-the-orphans-of-lodz       97803853374031

(i won’t read WWII books EVERY reading night… cause i know i should read some “christian books” but sometimes they are hard to get into.  i can’t read super theological books. Thats why i got married… so that Brian can read them, and then explain it to me! ha ha. Any good book suggestions???



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2 responses to “spice things up

  1. Marta

    If you are interested in Holocaust then I have few that you might have missed. Try this one http://www.amazon.com/Hope-Last-Die-Coming-Terror/dp/156324747X/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1236810388&sr=8-11 (Halina Birenbaum “Hope is the Last to Die) I was crying like a baby, and maybe another one also beautiful books are written by Maria Nurowska (Jewish girl that lived in those times – the most beautifull book is probably the love letters) But I couldnt find it on amazon, have no idea if it is translated into English:)
    If you will be interested and will like those I can tell you few more:)

  2. Ok. That movie made me sob as well. Like I was shaking I sobbed so hard.

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