my secret winter oasis

Sunday was our 7 month anniversary. Not really a HUGE deal like the yearly anniversary, but e decided that since it was sunday and neither of us had to work, we would celebrate with something fun. The day began with a stop by Caribou for our free espresso due to daylight savings. yum.a811c890-21
Then we were off to Red Wing, Mn. On the way, We listened to a sermon from the the Peasant Princess Series by Mark Driscoll. So good. It’s all about love and marriage and relationships based on the Song of Songs. I would 100 percent recommend it… especially if you are dating or engaged. but ESPECIALLY if you are married! 

When we got to Red Wing we stopped by few pottery shops. Brian and i really love pottery. One of our first dates was to my parents basement where were threw some pots on my dads wheel. it was fun. every mothers day there is also a minnesota potters tour where they sell work based out of the homes or studios. Brian and i went last year with my parents and it was really fun. Anyways, at the pottery shops we browsed all the famous red wing pottery and also took a private little tour of the studio. 
_mg_8769red-wing-water-jugscollar5At on shop there was this funny scottish man who was throwing some pots. Very fun date. After the pottery shops we went to an antique store. The funny this is, this is one of Brian’s fave things. He LOVES to see all the “cool old things” and think about who might have owned them. Not something i would have expected from him, but it make our dates to little old towns more fun! 

When we got back to the cities, i took Brian to my secret winter oasis for a cup of tea and an almond croissant! This place is so little known, that i regret letting it out of the bag for fear that it will get too busy. But it’s so great i can’t NOT share it. In the Bachmann’s Flower shop on Lyndale Ave in Minneapolis, there is a indoor garden bakery called St. Patricks Bakery. IT reminds me of a little french patisserie in the spring. See for yourself!img_1078img_1080img_1082img_1083img_1091

After our tea date we played settlers with James and Betsy. A really fun end to a perfect day 🙂



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2 responses to “my secret winter oasis

  1. ashley k

    Everything about this post makes me glad:
    – you two being able to steal some time away to celebrate
    – being informed of a wonderful secret garden, right on Lyndale!
    – You two hanging out with Jamies & Betsy!
    Love all of that… haven’t seen the Johnsons in a while, hope I will soon!

  2. Dina

    All I can say is “Fairytail” and you’re living it! Oh, and looks like Brian likes the shirt I bought him. Thanks for having this blog, I can get details that I don’t usually ask for – I LOVE YOU MINDY!!!!!

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