summer wind

Since i am subbing and the students are working out of their math book, i have nothing better to do than blog 🙂 Talk about an easy job! so here is my list of why i want summer NOW!

1. lightly sunburned shoulders and freckles! (well i don’t get freckles… but i LOVE when others do… and by love i mean i get a smidge jealous)

2. sitting outside at cafés while drinking iced tea

3. rollarblading around the lakes

4. jamba juice and bubble tea with girls i love.

5. going to visit beach project! (lord willing!!!)

6. Bethlehem Baptists Summer program at the 16/33 center. I love playing with the little hispanic kids.

7. flip flops… everyday, all day.

8. window down driving…. and this year the sun roof open! yay for new cars!

9. watching thunderstorms from the couch.

10. drive-in movies in the back of the truck

11. camping and sleeping in a tent while listening to the breeze rustle through the leaves of the trees.

12. laying out at the beach and getting some color

13. going for walks

14. sun dresses

15. concerts in the park

16. listening to music like this:


there are a lot of things that i love about summer. i could go on and on. Only a few more weeks and it will be here!!! yay!


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  1. I WANT SUMMER SO BAD. This made me crave it even more! :]

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