marriage: a mess worth making

Bethlehem is putting on a marriage retreat and we are going! it’s funny cus i didn’t even think about it being an option until ashley knox mentioned it last sunday. But brian doesn’t work this weekend (weird) and jack delk told mathis he had some free tickets so he called brian. i guess the lord has something he wants to teach us this weekend 🙂 one this is for sure, i don’t at all feel old enough to go on a marriage retreat. i grew up with my parents going to these retreats (not BBC ones, but similar) and now i am becoming an adult. i guess it’s finally time to grow up?

i know you single ladies think there is something magical about marriage. i did too. and while it is so sweet at times, there are other times when it really does seem a mess. I’m excited to hear the sessions because the theme is perfect! “a mess worth making.” I’ll let you know what i learn… cus that is what blogs are for 🙂 (also… the word retreat always makes me think of camp…. but this is a crazy nice hotel! it’s like a weekend away! so excited!)1807





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3 responses to “marriage: a mess worth making

  1. backat

    So great. Really excited for you, Mindy.

  2. Sounds great! A mess worth making- seems like a very nice way to look at marriage.

  3. caearl

    Yeah, that retreat looked great. Excited for yall!

    “ALL MY SINGLE LADIES (all my single ladies)!!!”

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