don’t judge

so ever since brian lost his job at LA Fitness, i haven’t been that active. Mostly i am either working, stalking facebook/blogs or cooking. Ah, the life of a wife 🙂 jk. So i was sitting down for a little blog stalking with my coffee this morn when i came upon a post by Katie Stromwall abut exercise tv. i was intrigued. So decided to et off my butt and try it. i found some free full length exercise videos and did one called hips, buns and thighs yoga. Things that i learned from this experience:

1.  i am not at all flexible.

2. i have no balance whatsoever. 

3. i am so uncoordinated that i can’t even breathe the right way when he says breathe. 

4. After the workout, i ate some ice cream because i was hot and i felt i deserved it! ha ha

5. But it was really fun and i will most definitely be doing some kind of exercise tv video each day! 

Tomorrows plan… the sexy chair routine? ha ha ha


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  1. Adina

    Love it! Z and I are totally going to start doing this regularly!

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