lately i have been thinking about weddings. i think it is because i have gone to at least 2 wedding a month for the last 6 months (mine included!) i love weddings. i love the stress and the craziness that goes into planning them. i love the happiness of pledging to love someone for good times and hard times in front of family and dear friends. i love the way that everything seems new and fresh at a wedding: the sun, the flowers, the colors… everything is more vibrant at a wedding. i love the smiles. everyone smiles at weddings. i love the tears from the women who love the bride so dearly and are so joyful at the union that they actually cry. i do this. i wouldn’t be surprised if kelsey did this 🙂


i love the pictures. i love photography. i honestly think that my dream job(s) would be to be a wedding photographer or a wedding planner. anytime i hear of a friend who got engaged, i ask when the wedding will be and i instantly begin planning their wedding in my head. i’m a freakshow, i know. i started stalking wedding blogs when i got engaged. and i still frequent those pages. i love my wedding. but i wish i could plan like 17 more! so if anyone ever wants help, you know where to find me 🙂

some favorites 🙂

For a fun colored fall wedding:


For the gorgeous summer evening formal wedding. i love the lights!



Is it weird that i wish i were indian? this is so fabulous!


A winter wedding. Somewhat reminiscent of Brie and Jim’s wedding last weekend. Perfect for Mn since 3/4 of the year it is winter!



I enjoy red. Sometimes the more the merrier.



Spring. Very very spring. My fav part is the invitation in the lower right corner.



I am a sucker for outdoor weddings with lots of candles!



Is this the cutest cake topper, or what?





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6 responses to “weddings

  1. Maddy

    You can totally help me with mine! But like I said last night… nothing happening soon that I see. Haha. And out door weddings with candles- LOVE it. Lets hang out soon. Love you

  2. A blog you will love:
    :o)! Missy is getting married this summer – Garden wedding and boat reception. Should be beautiful. Have you guys been in touch?

  3. simkel

    um. yes. i’ve cried at every wedding i have ever been too. i think i even cried at my cousin’s wedding when i was six….i’m a HUGE sucker for weddings. mindy, you will be one of the first people that i ask to help me. i like your style. 😀

    good blog.

  4. katherinejo

    Mindy! I loved this! I want a chartreuse-y green, black, and ivory wedding…with white tulips…and vintage lace! And coconut Jelly Bellies.

  5. hopefeathers

    i love coconut jelly beans! but buttered popcorn are by FAR the best!

  6. caearl

    Oh, man! I can’t wait to look at all this…Indian weddings ARE beautiful! I kinda like all their traditions.


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