random things i love about my husband

1. i love that he always open EVERY door for me. The only problem is that at least once a week we get a knock on our apartment door cus Brian was so preoccupied with opening the door for me, that he forgot to take the keys out of the lock!

2. brian sing in the shower. and loud. but he never knows the words to any songs. so he makes them up. so cute

3. he makes up the goofiest nicknames for EVERYTHING!

4. he opens the fridge about 18 times a day, just to look inside. 

5. if you ever watch an old musical, i laugh everytime they break out into song and dance. i always thought it seemed so unnatural… that is until i married brian. he breaks out in son more than anyone i’ve ever met!

6. he is a garbage disposal. he will finish anyones food no matter what it is. i swear he never gets full.

7. he LOVES to give presents. he can’t stand that he has gotten me some christmas gifts and that he can’t give them to me yet. in fact, he couldn’t stand it so much that he made me open one today!

8. when we watch chick flicks (or any movie that has even the tiniest of romance) Brian smiles the whole time something cute or romantic is going on… or if they kiss. 

9. last night he did a ribbon dance because i had a punch of ribbon out for a project. so funny! not really graceful, but entertaining!

10. he adds and “s” to verbs to make them plural unnecessarily. For example, “i misses you and i loves you”


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