Scariest night of my life

Last friday it was snowing outside. I couldn’t sleep. So i opened the blinds just a smidgen so that i could watch the snow falling outside, hoping that would relax my mind and let me sleep. At 3 in the morning, i heard a noise and looked out the window. There was a man standing at our window… peeling the screen off!!! i was so scared! adrenaline rushing, i woke Brian up. He ran to the window and yelled at the man to get out of here! then he called 911 (instead of running outside to whoop up… i’m glad he thought it thought first!!!) Anyways, so the cops are on their way when we hear voices outside. Brian went to the window (and i pulled the covers over my head! i’m such a scardy cat!) one of the voices belonged to the man trying break in. Another was to the woman next door. they denied ever trying to break in and even laughed at us (meanwhile, out screen is hanging off the window.) Brian told them the cops were on their way. They said that they had forgotten the keys to get into their apartment and that the caretaker wouldn’t let them in. (we found out later that they had been partying and drinking all night and being really loud so the caretaker kicked them out cus of the noise violations). So we waited for the cops. Somehow they got inside the building and where yelling and fighting in the apartment next door! scary! we could hear them yelling about us and how “those f****** newlyweds pay 400 a month and we pay 900! and don’t have a job!” scary to hear people so mad at you 😦 Anyways, the cops came and talked to Brian. Then they talked to the lady. Then they left. But the yelling and fighting continued for another couple hours. I don’t think i slept a wink! how awkward is it now??? i mean that was the scariest thing ever! what if Brian wasn’t there? what if it wasn’t the drunk neighbor, but instead a man trying to rob us? Just another reminder that i can’t rely on myself. I need Jesus. More and more each day. i don’t need to be safe and sound in my bed every night. i need jesus. He is my jehova jira, my provider. we have started praying for our neighbors… literally.


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  1. I’m glad you’re alright! That must have been terrifying! I know i don’t know you but i saw you left a message on my cousin bryan’s blog and I wanted to know if you were like a friend or family member of him or something so i looked at your blog. i know its tottally random! Anyway I’m glad your ok and your right. Jesus is awesome! He is the answer to all of my problems. he can help you through anything. Even though I don’t have many problems and i’m only 14 I still know Jesus is my savoir.
    Much love,

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