its beginning to look a lot like christmas!

Especially around my house 🙂 As newlyweds we have been talking a lot about our new holiday traditions that we would like to start now and when we have kids. Things like reading charles dickens christmas carol as a family and going to the holidazzle parade and the 8th floor show thingy at macy’s and when we do christmas and thanksgiving and which side of the family. Last weekend Brian came up with a secret date. my only hint was that it was the beginning of a new holiday traditions. he was so sketchy all day… making secret calls from the bathroom and such. Then he made some hot cocoa and told me to put on my long johns and scarf, hat and mittens. Then he blindfolded me and we were off. after a 30 mins he helped me out of the car and had me take of the blindfold. I saw him holding a hand saw and standing in a forest of chirstmas trees! i have never had a real christmas tree! let alone cut one down from a forest!!! turns out that Brians aunt and uncle own a christmas tree farm and let us pick whatever tree we wanted for free! then they gave us some money to help us decorate our first tree together 🙂 i love family! One thing i learned though, is that if a tree seems small in the “wild” it will still be too big for our tiny apartment! but we cut it down and made it work! now it looks AND smells like christmas in our little home! so fun! i love decorating for christmas. we put on a christmas record and decorated. so fun!



Thanksgiving was great. we went to my parents and had my brother and his wife and eliot and olivier come over. olivier is only 9 months old but he was walking around and getting into all sorts of trouble. and Eliot just LOVES her uncle brian! i think it is because he chases her around the house and throws her in the air and giggles with her like crazy. so cute. he will be a great dad someday!


Of course, as tradition demands it, my mom and sis and i participated in black friday.


i don’t really know why we went. none of us have any money and didn’t buy anything. its just so fun and funny to say we did it! and we do it every year! we got up really early and went to IKEA. this was our free thing of the day….. free breakfast!!!!

12it is normally 99 cents, also a good deal for that yumminess. but it was free all weekend from 9-11. I’m not going to lie. We went back on saturday too 🙂 then we went to MOA and realized that was a horrible idea, so we went back to rosedale mall and target. then home for more decorating of the christmas tree! i think it is an exhaustingly fun tradition. Oh! and of course that night we watched It’s a Wonderful Life. One of my faves!



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