God is so good- so here i fly!

i don’t know why i don’t say that more. Or even THINK that more. I mean seriously, if the guy cares about the sparrows, so why do i worry so much? Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? Sometimes i can be so foolish about thinking i have to figure out my life and get everything in order and THEN i can trust the Lord when he says it will all be okay. And when things aren’t going exactly how i plan then i freak out. Well, i am listening to the voice that is telling me that if i just calm down and honestly TRUELY trust in HIM alone, then i will be exactly where i need to be… in His will. And there is no better place than that. So it doesn’t matter is we have car problems and barely enough money to pay rent and jobs are hard. we are in his plan. we are trusting. so i am not going to be afraid to fly. we will fly through the air and enjoy the sight and live the life because it is a gift. And the best part is, not only will he provide, it will be so much better than i can think or ask. how great is that? i have been worrying about what i should do. i am not stoked about teaching. It has been hard to find subbing jobs. and we are getting low on money. I am jazzed by photography and would love to get involved in making money for taking photos. but i have no idea how to get started in that. This morning, i was having quite a hard time thinking through all of this and was so discourage. then out of the blue my wedding photographer (jeff stone) called and asked me if i would be willing to assist him in some upcoming weddings. he would teach me and train me and i would get paid! it was like the Lord was like… “o so you don’t think i can give you the best? i’m your daddy! of course i want to give you what you want. you just have to trust me and let me do the details!” i love Him! HERE I FLY!



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One response to “God is so good- so here i fly!

  1. simkel

    thank you for this. it’s so true!

    (p.s.- i always thought you should get into photography)

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