rattle, rattle, thunder, clatter, boom, boom, boom

Lets see. Brian and i have been together for over 2 years now. The means 2 years of love and friendship… and car trouble! I am using the event of this morning to do 2 of my favorite past-times: complaining and making lists. From day one, we have had more car related problems. I’ve always wondered how many. so i’m making a list (but i’m not going the check it twice…. i’m not feeling particularly christmasy right now…. which really shows how sad i am…. i ALWAYS love christmas…. and i’m not going to lie, talking about christmas really is making me feel better 🙂 but on to the list!


1. Two weeks before we started dating i lost my keys somewhere on the farm at the CO harvest party. Baja stayed and helped me look with a flash light and when we couldn’t find them, he stay until the locksmith made me a new set of keys

2. we have locked my keys IN the car 3 times. We have had to call AAA 3 times to get the keys out. 

3. Brian’s car was broken into while at the buck watching a movie. we came out and the windows were smashed and the center console punched in. sad.

4. Mindy’s jeep (charlie) broke down on the side of the road in january when it was -7 degrees out and had to wait for brian and AAA for 30 mins. brrrrr!

5. While driving home from a bible study there was construction on the freeway so we slowed down to a stop. We were then rear ended by a drunk driver going 45 mph. Brian’s car was totaled.

6. The battery died in Mindy’s car when we used it to light up a broomball game. We had to wait and be towed by AAA.

7. Something is wrong with the transmission in Brian’s car, so multiple times it just dies while driving. So you have to put it into neutral and start the engine again… all while still moving! ah! This happened several times on our way home from Colorado (where his dad lives and gave us the car)

8. Being stranded somewhere in the middle of nebraska and waiting at a Cracker Barrel for a couple hours cus the car wouldn’t start. Eventually it did and we didn’t stop again still we got home!

9. this morning, when brian was getting in the car to go to work, realized that the ignition had been tampered with and the steering console punched in and the car had been moved back 4 feet. They must have gotten in and got it started and tried to steel it but realized they couldn’t steer the car anymore. duffus! but sad for us 😦


So far i think the only car problem we haven’t had is running out of gas. But we are low on fuel and money…. so i’ll keep you posted! ha ha



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3 responses to “rattle, rattle, thunder, clatter, boom, boom, boom

  1. katherinejo

    Mindy, there is something slightly amusing about this, but how frustrating for you!!! Just a great reminder how sovereign and STEADFAST our God is…so much unlike our cars =]

  2. If you ever get stranded in NE again, give us a call! :o)!

  3. simkel

    man….you seriously have had some issues…..

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