Today’s faves…

1. the first snow that sticks. 


2. Fabulous cups of Coffee a Fabulous coffee shops with Fabulous friends 🙂


3. Listening to Tommy Dorsey & Frank Sinatra on my record player


4. Sitting in front of the fireplace snuggled up with a good book… or THE good book 🙂


5. The plethora of drinks and decor at Starbucks (and caribou)


6. The endless board games with my fabulous husband (of course i win!)


7. All the lights are brighter this time of year


8. The holidays in general are just great


9. This song makes me happy…. in fact Sondre Lerche just makes me happy 🙂

Modern Nature, Sondre Lerche


10. Studying the bible with Brian. I love being married for all it’s ups and downs and for how much he shows me Jesus daily! i love you Brian 




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5 responses to “Today’s faves…

  1. jmansour

    love this 🙂
    is the picture of the christmas tree and fireplace and such your house!?!

  2. hopefeathers

    Yeah…. well, that was the house i grew up in. My Parents have since moved to Little Canada, but there is something so homey and warm about the old house at Christmas-time. 🙂

  3. MIND! aw, i love your blog dear.
    number 3 is amazing! haha.
    I can’t wait for Christmas!
    come out to Cali and visit! ♥

  4. Maddy

    Cute mindy! I didnt know that you had a record player! SO jealous!

  5. Katie

    Love your blog. You are so inspiring. 🙂

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